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1sqft-India’s First Lead-Based Real Estate And Service Provider App

1SqFt is a lead-based on-demand service platform that bridges the gap between service providers and customers. Download 1SqFt and register on the app to request on-demand local services and real estate needs.

For Individuals Looking For On-Demand Local Services And Real Estate Needs

1SqFt connects you with trusted, verified and experienced service professionals. No more troubles with your search for local service providers. Now you can book them on the app from the comfort of your home and choose the best option that works for you.

On 1SqFt, there are no registration or subscription charges. But the app rewards you for posting your requirement or property on it. When you download the app and post your requirement, you get rewarded by coins in your wallet that keeps accumulating. These coins can be later redeemed for gift vouchers.

1SqFt is India’s first lead-based real estate and service provider application where you can search for service providers –from AC mechanics to electricians, plumbers, carpenters and interior decorators, 1SqFt is your all-inclusive app.

1sqft Advantages For Individuals:
  • On-demand local services
  • Select from a large number of service providers
  • A hassle-free way to hire local service providers
  • Choose your service provider
  • Get work done in a cost-effective manner
  • Get the work done in stipulated time
  • Post your requirement for properties
  • Buy, sell or rent properties on the app

The app is an on-demand, local service and real estate platform, where real estate developers, brokers and homeowners can post their properties. Service providers can list their services on the platform and the areas they serve.

What Makes 1sqft Stand Out From Other Real Estate And Service Provider Apps?

1SqFt empowers the customer to choose his/her local service providers and realtors without shelling out any money 1SqFt acts as a bridge that connects the customers with the property owners and service providers with no fee and registration charges.

All you have to do is to download the 1SqFt app, register, and choose the service providers or property services When you select the ‘Call Back’ button, the service providers and realtors will get notified, who in turn will contact you From among the respondents, you can pick and choose the one according to your requirements and budget 1SqFt is India’s first lead-based real estate and service provider app where you pay only for leads.

1sqft Offering For Service Providers, Realtors, Real Estate Agents, Brokers And Builders

Pay only for authentic and verified leads
On 1SqFt, you pay only for authentic and verified leads
There are no registration or subscription charges
Real estate developers, brokers and builders can post unlimited properties on the app
Service providers can list their services on the platform

  • No hosting charges
  • Unlimited number of leads
  • Authentic and verified leads
  • Reach out to millions of relevant customers
  • Do your business on the go
  • Transact business from the convenience of home, office or wherever you’re!
  • Cost-effective packages to choose from to contact your chosen lead/s
  • The basic package starts from INR 500 and your amount remains in your wallet
  • Spend as low as INR 10 for leads when you view your lead contact numbers

1SqFt is developed to provide a solution to the woes of service providers and concerns of the real estate industry using innovative technology and business intelligence.

Skilled workers have always been in demand in the cities and semi-urban areas. But individuals who are looking for such services are often unable to get in touch with the service providers. 1SqFt acts as a bridge connecting skilled workforce, real estate services, and individual customers.

With millions of customers, the app is one of the leading real estate and service provider apps, in India -connecting smart people with service providers and realtors.

Download the 1SqFt app and post your property/services and boost your businesses.
  • Simple and easy-to-use application
  • No hidden charges or costs

With 1SqFt App, Every Square Foot Of Your Home Is Taken Care Of!

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