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Creating happy homes in every sqft!

1SqFt is a software application developed by Digicompass Informatics India Limited to provide a solution to the concerns of the real estate industry and service providers using cutting-edge technology and business intelligence. 1SqFt has set on the mission of empowering the users and making their real estate property search experience mobile. It provides all kinds of housing requirements for property buyers and sellers. With over 6 million active users, 1SqFt has made property posting easy for users.

1SqFt is India’s first lead-based real estate application where you pay only for authentic and verified leads. There are no hosting fees or listing charges. 1SqFt connects customers with businesses by free listings, providing them with a competitive edge.

The platform facilitates transactions between builders, real estate agents, property brokers, service providers, and customers providing a win-win situation for all the segments.

The real estate property aggregator app is a gold mine for brokers as users can get easy access to active, verified and fresh leads with just one click. There is more to it! It is not only about the property worth that you get, but also properties available in different localities, locality rating, rental information and a lot more can be accessed on this app. Users are looking to explore apartment, farmhouse, flat, house, builder floor, plot, villa, commercial office, shops, throughout the nation.

The Builder dashboard enables users to view photos and videos of the society/locality of a property. 1SqFt also brings the traders, manufacturing companies, and service providers closer to its target market. The builders, property brokers and every other user can directly access support from their local traders.

Additionally, the app offers an opportunity to earn when customers post an advertisement about their property or list their requirement. Individual users get free coins when they post their property or services and the coins can be traded for coupons, which can be redeemed for purchases or services in local stores, supermarkets, spa, and salons.

Digicompass Informatics India Limited was launched in 2017 by Mr Venkata Raman. He is a serial entrepreneur who has created a strong imprint in the real estate and property business for the past four decades.

A pioneer in using technology to find solutions for the customers’ pain points, Raman wants to simplify the complexity of real estate transactions and their varied parameters, for the common man and end-user. He launched 1SqFT to offer a solution to builders, real estate brokers, individuals and service providers.

With 6 million users on board, 1 SqFt, his brainchild, is all set to take your real estate business to another level. He is sure to sweep all builders, brokers/agents, traders and service providers off their feet with the latest information, new projects and any micro information about real estate. With his ideas and guidance, he intends to flummox all personnel involved in the real estate sector with the 1 SqFt app.

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