Cookie Policy

As you use the Site, certain information may be gathered without you actively providing it. For example, we may passively collect information such as IP address, browser type and other information related to your internet connection and computer. This data cannot be used to identify any individuals. It is non-personal information.

The Site may also use and collect ‘cookies’. Cookies are bits of information that a browser can store on the computer’s hard drive in order to to enable the website to remember the user’s preferences. Cookies are used purely to enhance the experience of using the Site. Cookies cannot be used to store or access any other data on your hard drive, cannot pass on a virus and cannot store and collect other personal information such as e-mail IDs. Cookies can only identify the web browser.

The Site uses three types of cookies:
  • Technical Cookies - These are required for the Site to function properly. These cannot be deactivated.
  • User Preference Cookies - These are used to enhance your access and usability of the Site. For example, they show you the form of the Site which is most applicable to your country and language.
  • Performance Cookies - These are used to further tailor the website experience to each individual user’s preference and needs.

The Site may also contain Web-beacons. These are tools which allow us to determine the number of users that have visited a particular page. It allows us to gauge information such as which listing or advertisement is extremely popular. Web-beacons cannot be used to access your personal information, cannot access your hard drive and cannot pass on a virus. They simply provide statistics regarding the usage of the website.