Are there different types of coins?

There are three types of coins _ Registration coin, Post property coin, Bonus coin. Registration coins are obtained as soon as a user registers into the APP. Post property coins are credited to your account when one posts a property and it is approved. Bonus coins are company’s discretion and often given out in during festival time and other special occasions.

Do coupons have any validity?

Validity of the coupons depends on the vendor or shops who issue it.

Does 1SqFt have offers for its users?

This is a pay as you go module. Offers will be displayed as and when they are introduced but they are bound to change as per company policy.

Does the application have packages?

The application has something for everyone. The packages differ for different type of users.

How are they useful to you?

Everyone and every home have different requirements. These keep changing every day and it is difficult to go in search of those who can help us to fulfill our day-to-day needs. With a single click, 1Sqft helps you find out the right service provider for you, making your life easy.

How can I download the 1Sqft app?

Just like any other APP, reach out to the Google Play Store to download 1SqFt. You can look out for two different Apps (depending on how you want to use it). If you are a broker, builder or service provider download the 1SqFt biz App. If you are an individual looking for properties or services, download the 1SqFt App.

How can I post my service requirement?

Requirements can be posted from the main menu and you will get responses shortly.

How can I post property on the App?

Look out for the Post Property section in the app to post your property under builder or agent (broker), individual- either to sell, rent or lease. Steps to be followed are clearly specified in this section.

How can I search for property here?

To search for properties, one can choose the area and type of property. Even if you choose the right city, all the properties listed with us in that city can be viewed.

How do I activate my account as a builder / agent (broker)?

As in any application one has to sign up and create an account by giving your details that have been requested. Also, if you are a builder or agent (broker) you have to give details of KYC documents(PAN card, Aadhaar or Driving license, voter ID).

How do I activate my account as a service provider?

You can sign up or register and create an account by giving details that have been requested. Also, as a person involved in services related to Real Estate like painting, woodwork, interior decorations for real estate, you have to give details of the various services you specialize in to attract the right customers.

How do I activate my account as an individual?

Account activation is simple. Sign up, create an account, give requested details. As an individual we offer you the advantage of skipping the KYC page (if not interested). As an individual you also have the advantage of upgrading your account (as a builder, agent or a service provider).

How do I check my package or validate it?

Details of the package can be obtained from ‘My Wallet’. It gives you a history of your purchases.

How do I download my coupons?

As soon as you redeem the coupon from Search Coupons, you will get a coupon code (should not be shared). It will then be stored in the My Coupon section and can be used whenever needed.

How do I increase the number of coins?

More the merrier is the norm here. As you post more properties, your number of coins are bound to increase. Also, coins are added to your account everyday as long as your property is registered with us and is active.

How do I view the leads?

Leads are received the moment a customer shows interest in your property or service. But they will be hidden and will remain so until you pay for it.

How do I view the responses to my postings?

You can view all the responses for your postings in the section - My properties, in the Lead section. The leads will get reflected as and when someone shows interest in your property.

How many responses can I expect for my postings?

1Sqft has millions of people using the platform. Therefore, you are sure to receive sizeable number of responses for your postings. But it depends on the type of your property, amenities and the kind of services you provide.

How to obtain details of responses received for My Property?

As soon as a client shows interest in your posting, the response will reach you. The moment you pay the sum specified by 1 Sqft, details of the interested party will be displayed. Currently, to help the real estate industry, 1SqFt has kept the cost of leads as low as Rs 10.

What are leads?

Leads are contacts of people who have shown interest in your business or those who have shown interest in your posting / service.

What are My coins?

My Coins is a special bonanza given to the individuals or one who is not registered under the business segment. The moment one registers with the App for posting properties, the client receives coins.

What are the different types of leads?

There are two types of leads -Service Leads and Property Leads. For example, if a person wants to paint his home, he requests for a painting contractor or a painter, by clicking on the call back button. Service Leads are received by the service provider when a client shows interest in the kind of business he does. Similarly, property leads are received when a prospective client shows interest in the property posted on 1SqFt app.

What is 1Sqft?

1SqFt is India’s first lead-based real estate platform. You don’t have to pay for advertising your properties or listing your services on 1SqFt. It is an easy-to-use, simple platform that connects builders, brokers, service providers and individuals, without any charges or cost.

What is My Coupon?

Coupons are gift vouchers given by various vendors associated with 1Sqft. Once coupons are redeemed, they can be seen under My Coupon section (In the web). In the App, the redeemed coupons are saved in the gallery or the SD card in the phone.

What is My Wallet?

My Wallet gives you a detailed history of all the transactions, purchases and packages that are available in the App.

What is the advantage of 1Sqft over other real estate Apps?

PAY ONLY FOR LEADS is what we advocate. Also, your advertising of properties or listing of services too are FREE.

What is the advantage of My coins?

The advantage is that the coins can be turned into coupons by you. These coupons can be used in different kinds of shops for purchases of one’s choice.

What is the mode of payment for the packages? How do I go about it?

Clients can use: Debit card/ credit card Net banking UPI /QR You can also load the money through other wallets like mobikwik, airtelmoney, jiomoney, Phone Pe, PayzApp, Freecharge etc

When will my property reflect in search?

Once the admin of 1 SqFt approves the property posted by you, it will reflect in the search page. Approval is based on quality of pictures (if posted) and details given by the user.

When will the leads be visible to me?

Leads will become visible and clear if you have paid the amount specified by 1SqFt. It will not be visible if the wallet is not recharged or it has reached its expiry. (Wallet lasts for a life-term for business users). Hence, maintain the specified minimum amount as specified in the App in your wallet.

Who are service providers?

Service providers are those who are involved in various kinds of business related to real estate. They may be painters, carpenters, AC Mechanics, electricians, masons, cable operators, interior decorators and so on.

Why and when does my account get deactivated?

1Sqft, deserves the right to deactivate the account, if a user has not used the App for more than a year.

Why should I update KYC?

1SqFt is asking you to update your KYC as a verification method to ensure that you’re a genuine customer and to ensure your identity. 1SqFt thus assures authenticity for its users. This gives confidence to the customers about those who come in as leads.