Can corporate bodies use residential properties as office space?

It is illegal to put residential properties to commercial use. However service-based industries are allowed to operate from residential areas, on the condition that they will vacate the property if any complaint is received from other residential owners.

Does 1SqFt have offers for its users?

This is a pay as you go module. Offers will be displayed as and when they are introduced but they are bound to change all through the year as per company policy.

Does the application have packages?

The application offers something for everyone. The packages differ for different users.

How 1 SqFt works?

It deals with different type of peoples

How can I post my service requirement?

Requirements can be posted from the main menu and you are sure to get a response shortly.

How can I post property inside the App?

You can post your property inside the application as different users builder, common man, service provider, Agent(broker)_either to sell, rent or lease. For this one has to go through various steps which are clearly specified in the application in the Post property section.

How can I redeem my Coupons?

The coupons can be redeemed on and when required and as long as you are registered with 1Sqft.

How can I search for property here?

To search for properties in any city, one can choose the area and type of property or even if you choose the right city, all the properties listed with us in that city can be viewed.

How can they be useful to you?

Requirements are the day to day norm in any home. These keep changing every day and it is difficult to go in search of those who can help us to satisfy our day to day needs. With a single click, 1Sqft helps you to do away with problems.

How do I activate my account as a builder/agent(broker)?

As in any application one has to sign up and create an account by giving personal details that have been requested. Also, as a builder or agent(broker) you have to give details of various documents related to your business.

What are leads?

Leads are contacts of people who have shown interest in your business or those who have shown interest in your posting/service.
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